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Falling back into sequence

I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.

"arrested development", 45 grave, affiliating, anne clark, anne rice, anti-labeling, apoptygma berzerk, audrey hepburn, bacardi, basement shows, bauhaus, beatnicks, berkley, bettie page, big hair, biting, black flag, blondie, bright eyes, cake, canadians, candles, cats, cheese, cicero, coffee cake, collecting knives, complaining, converge, corsetrey, corsetted, critique, cursive, david bowie, death, dita von teese, dumb and dumber, duran duran, elvis, eyes, fire, five finger discounts, food, fries, girls, glam, going for long walks, google, grey goose, guns, haight and ashbury, hands, helicopters, hewlett-packard, high heels, him, hippies, homestar runner, incense, j.k rowling, jhonen vasquez, jhonny depp, jim morrison, laid back people, lamb of god, landover baptist church, less than jake, limes, liquid nitrogen, loreena mckenitt, maddox, malice mizer, margaritas, marilyn manson, martini's, mary pickford, matchless crowd racing, men with make-up, mister rogers, murder by death, murder city devils, my adrianna, night shift, nine inch nails, non-mushy people, noni, not smoking, painting, piercings, pin up, propaghandi, psychology, pumps, queen, rainy days, record players, robert smith, rose mcgowan, rotten, sarcasm, scattered fall, siouxsie and the banshees, sky clad, small font, sport compact car, starbucks, stephen king, strong bad, stuart townsend, sushi, talking to myself, tatoo's, tatu, thai, the beach boys, the beatles, the city, the creatures, the doors, the glove, the lovespirals, the mirror reveals, the onion, the smiths, the suicide machines, the vanishing, thunderstorms, toy dolls, vacation, violence, voltaire, whiskey, white paper, white wine, womens rights, zeromancer,